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  • Liz Zimmer

Disclaimer: Why am I launching this website in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic? I have been waiting for the perfect time to open this site, but if I keep waiting for that moment it will never happen. My family and I are doing well and are healthy. I am remaining optimistic and patient. I provide several services that can be beneficial during this time.

I am thrilled to launch my website, blog, and offerings. Creating this site was no easy feat, but I am pleased with the outcome. I can share my story, help, and rescue companies, associations, and individuals. I encourage you to explore and share my site.

My blog will provide education, insight, trends, tips, best practices, and resources. My goal is to help others learn, grow, and achieve. In a few weeks, I will be posting documents to download.

Contact me to discuss your challenges and my solutions. The Resolute Marketing & Consulting company, website, and blog are evolving. Continue to check back for more information.


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